Welcome to, a site that is truly critical of what it perceives as the harmful sway of one of the world’s oldest and most powerful secret societies. It is estimated that there are roughly six million Freemasons in the world today. Most live in English-speaking countries but, in point of fact, they can be found living in every nation on the globe. We are not going to denounce the Craft in its entirety. Not every Mason is a part of the larger conspiracy. Men join it for many reasons: some for fraternity and friendship, some for the conviviality, others to help their fellow men by participating in charitable activities sponsored by the various Masonic bodies. But let us not become blind to the fact that many members of the craft are part of a power elite that reigns over us. They are guided by men even more powerful than themselves who own or have access to a vast reservoir of wealth from which they obtain their power. To have money is to have power. These nabobs of London, New York, and Israel have the power to create wealth, cause financial ruin, and start wars. Whenever the time seems propitious, or the world events cause concern, any of these alternatives can materialize. We at are not deluded in thinking we are fighting a crusade against a new foe. Freemasonry has been around a long time. We who are subjects or citizens of the United Kingdom or America should know this. The craft first went public in 1717 when four London lodges merged and founded the Grand Lodge of England. In July of 1776 the British colonies in North America--inspired by Freemasonry--declared their independence from England and established what would become the world’s premier Masonic Republic, the United States of America. It is the hope of the staff and volunteers of this website that we can aid you in your quest to clarify the stark truths about the Freemasons and the puppeteers who pull their strings. In this site the viewer can find useful tidbits of information utilizing all the forms of media provided to the internet user-- text files, links, online video, and blogs. We implore you to investigate the issue of Freemasonry to the fullest extent possible for it is then, through knowledge, that we can truly face its perceived threat.
German pre-WWII anti-masonic poster
Jeff Wilkerson Editor Est. 2013